What happens when a temporary bypass is ready to be removed?

A CHG (change) order must be submitted to have the temporary bypass cable removed. This order can only be submitted by a member of the temporary bypass desk; customer service agents are not authorized at any time to issue a CHG order for a temporary bypass removal.  Specific instructions must be included on the temporary bypass removal CHG orders (see example below).  Customer service agents are required to inform a member of the temporary bypass desk when the customer calls in to notify that all necessary repairs have been made by an electrician to the underground service drops.

This is an example of a CHG order to remove a temp bypass cable.  The “call ahead” box is selected with a “Y” to indicate that the customer wants to receive a call before the crew comes out. The crew will call no more than 30 mins prior to arrival.


Some areas require a permit in order to have a temporary bypass cable removed.  Customer service agents must be mindful and check the PER (permit) screen to determine whether a permit is required and is on file (see example below).  If the PER screen shows that a permit is required for a CHG order and the permit is not already on file, advise the customer accordingly.  The CHG order cannot be submitted until the permit is on file.  

Example of PER screen which shows that a permit is required (marked by the “Y”).  Be careful to note that the permit has not yet been received as no permit number has been entered

How must I notify the bypass desk that a temporary bypass is ready for removal?

Please call the bypass desk at 713-207-7168 or send an e-mail to Chris Barber at tempbypass@centerpointenergy.com. 

Bypass Removal Timeframe

It can take up to 15 business days (sometimes longer) based on weather and workload conditions for a two-man crew to come out and remove the bypass cable and hook up the new permanent underground service drops that the electrician installed. 

Turn Downs/Red Tags

If our technicians notice that there is a problem with the repairs the electrician has done, they will not remove the temporary bypass cable.  It will remain hooked up and the order to have it removed will then be turned down.  The crew will leave a red tag on the customer’s meter to inform him/her as to why the order was turned down and what the electrician needs to correct in order for the bypass to be removed.  It is up to the customer to then get with the electrician to have him come out and make the necessary corrections.  Customers will also receive a turn down letter by standard mail to advise them as to why the bypass wasn’t removed and what the electrician must fix.  They will have 30 days from the date the letter was mailed to get the corrections made; otherwise, they will be charged again for the bypass cable for a 30-day period every month until the bypass desk is notified that the bypass is ready to be removed again.